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The Secret Rapture

<<Dear Friends, our next show, which I am directing, will be David Hare's The Secret Rapture. A wonderful piece which deals with the situation when an elderly antiquarian bookseller has just died at his home in the country and his two daughters come to attend to things. Isobel, who has been nursing him, is a partner in a small design firm. Marion, the elder daughter, is in politics – already a junior minster. It is Marion’s profession to provide answers, and to support those who offer solutions; but not all human situations yield to such a professional approach – least of all when they involve their younger step-mother, Katherine. Written in 1988, this elegantly constructed play, a mordant comedy of manners deepens into a painfully unsparing examination of the consequences of applying principled pragmatism to human feelings. Do hope to see you there. Michael.>>

this post is brought to you courtesy Voice Professionals Italy

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