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The right voice for your project




VOICEPROITALY is a 800-strong group of in-house international voice artists, actors, dubbers and speakers covering a wide range of languages and dialects.


VOICEPROITALY is a top class, one-stop, turn-key audio production house, operating out of a down-town Rome state-of-the-art recording suite, offering production and post-production facilities, high quality music and sound effects.


VOICEPROITALY, moreover, specializes in hassle-free adaptation of film scripts, screenplays and subtitles.


VOICEPROITALY creative voice solutions and sound tracks will make the difference in any instructional or training film, any corporate communications video, business presentation, identity or branding visual, full-length documentary, CGI animated production, video clip, podcast, tutorial, website audio, commercial, TV ad, promo or spot.

The VOICEPROITALY resident in-house talent, the VPI management and dynamic production model provide fast and predictable delivery of technically excellent, ready-to-broadcast, audio files directly to your desktop. On schedule. On budget.

...find the perfect voice at VPI!

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